Monday, March 07, 2005

Losing my Religion: Last Latinobarometer

Latin Americans are losing the confidence in their democracies. The last Latinobarómetro showed that the third wave of democracies are losing adepts everywhere, but the authoritarian regimes are not more preferable instead. Scepticism is spreading everywhere, not because people feel that democratic politicians steal more or less than the previous caciques, but because the expectations are clearly blurred daily by a crude reality.

Citizens in those countries are growingly disatisfied with the results of their democracies. Their states seem unable to produce redistribution, despite the fact that the median voter is a really poor voter, and he would demand that kind of policy. Growth is not translated in compensatory policies. Banks and big corporations control a wider segment of the economy, while the rich remain safe inside their "domos" -walled wealthy districts-...

All the negative shocks derived from globalization (more trade & capital freedom) are damaging the confidence in the system. Think on Argentina 2001. But these crises seem reversables.

No one escapes to the downfall of the confidence in public institutions. But the demo-sceptics grow quickly where poverty is higher, as anyone would predict.


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